PhD community

PhD students

Davide Andreatta
Remote sensing, Ecological Restoration, Grasslands, Biodiversity, Phenology
Kashika Arora
Food Biotechnology, microbiology, molecular biology, bioinformatics
Shahla Asgharinia
TreeTalker, IoT, Forest Ecology, Climate Change
Sara Avesani
Grapevine, volatile organic compounds, Plasmopara viticola, metabolomics, transcriptomics
Manuel Bellucci
Sustainable isoprene production from Tobacco cell lines (SUNSPOT PROJECT)
Paola Bettinelli
Genetics, MAB (Marker Assisted Breeding), Biotechnology, Data analysis, Sustainability
Giulia Calia
Bioinformatics, Genomics, Plant Biology, Machine Learning, Microbiology
Lucia Cenni
Ecology; Conservation Biology; Epidemiology
Ramona Mihaela Ciubotaru
Sustainable Agriculture, Integrated Pest Management, Food safety, Metabolomics
Andrea Corradini
Movement ecology, conservation biology, wildlife
Marta Crivellaro
River science, fluvial morphology, ecosystem services, river corridor, remote sensing
Francesca Cutrupi
Environmental risk of waste water: innovative treatments for the reduction of emerging micropollutants
Concetta D'Amato
Interaction soil-plant-atmosphere, Evapotranspiration, Virtual lysimeter, Stress factor for vegetation
Luca Da Ros
Nitrogen addition above the forest canopy: an isotopic analysis to determine the fate of nitrogen deposition in a permanent field-scale manipulation experiment
Susanne Dekker
Wine, polysulfides, thiols, aroma, HPLC.
Vickie DeNicola
Movement ecology, human-wildlife conflict, wildlife ecology, conservation technology
Karina Gonzalez Estanol
Sensory perception, Flavour release, in-nose analysis, dynamic sensory methods
Giulia Ferrari
Small mammals, community, tick-borne pathogens, zoonoses, climate change
Massimiliano Fontana
C. difficile, microbiota, microbiome, diet
Jalal Fouani
Trissolcus spp., Halyomorpha halys, Parasitoids, Biocontrol, Biotremology
Ilaria Fracasso
Environmental DNA, metabarcoding, ecology, temporal series, biological archives
Alice Fraser
Population genetics,conservation genomics,alpine grouse
Fabrizio Freda
Integrated control of Varroa destructor by means of honeybee colonies natural management in combination with botanical extracts
Giulia Gaudioso
Gut microbiota, diet, metabolism, health

Mikias Guche
Lipoxygenases, CRISPR/cas9, Plant pathology, Lipidomic profiling
Kun Huang
Computational metagenomics, ancient DNA, microbiology, molecular evolution
Barbara Sofia Ilardo
Conservation genetics of endangered wildlife
Jenna Bryanne Jolliffe
Molecular biology, agricultural biotechnology, plant physiology, plant pathology
Purna Kumar Kathri
Stable Isotope Compounds in Spices and Herbs
Duy Lai
Chemical Sensor, Breath Analysi, Alloy catalyst (Pd-Pt, Pt-Au), Electronic noses
Giorgio Licciardello
Metabolomics, transcriptomics, plant physiology, abiotic stress resistence, microbiology

Francesca Angela Lioce
Historical DNA analyses, population genomics, metabarcoding, metataxonomics.
Valentina Maestrello
Traceability and authenticity of food using 1H-NMR profiling
Mattia Marchio
Thermally-driven winds, boundary layer, climate change, severe weather
Giulia Mencattelli
Virology, wildlife diseases ecology, phylogenetics, emerging vector-borne and zoonotic diseases
Leonardo Menghi
Sensory science, psychometrics, metagenomics, univariate & multivariate data analysis
Simon David Miranda Chavez
Agricultural biotechnology, bioactive compounds, genome editing, metabolomics and transcriptomics
Stefano Nadalini
Grapevine, Microbiology, Plant Pathology, Biological Control, Downy Mildew
Davide Nardi
Spider ecology, soil biodiversity, vaia windstorm, climate change, forests
Parth Naik
Deep learning, forest biophysical parameter estimation, multi-sensor data, multi-temporal data, remote Sensing
Chiara Peccerillo
Applied Entomology, Chemical Ecology, Semiochemicals, Biological Control, Integrated Pest Management.

Riccardo Piccinno
D. suzukii adaptation to desiccation stress: combining genetic and physiological techniques to investigate different populations resistance to climate extremes
Michele Ricci
Data analysis and machine learning
Ruggiero Rippo
Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Risk & Uncertainty, Cooperation
Rebecca Roberts
Hops, microbiology, sensory science, brewing and chemistry
Rosalba Roccatello
Edible insects, consumer behaviour, sociology, sensorial analysis, food and feed legislation
Gerardo Roselli
IPM, SIT, Halyomorpha halys, entomology, biological control
Marica Scala
Biological control, egg parasitoids, Halyomorpha halys, trissolcus spp
Giorgia Secchi
Milk microbiome, milk technological attitude, microbiology, mountain farming
Andrea Silverj
Evolutionary biology, Bioinformatics, Phylogenomics, Metagenomics, Virology
Matteo Tonezzer
Gas sensors, VOCs, food science, food quality
Roshanak Tootoonchi
Hydrological Modelling, Remote Sensing, Wavelets, Climate Dynamics, Climat Change
Francesca Vallefuoco
Freshwater ecology, hydrology e benthic communities

Charlotte Vanderlocht
Large mammals, Trophic ecology, Animal behaviour, Conservation biology
Alvaro Vidal
Biochemistry, Agricultural Biotechnology, bioinformatics, NBT
Chiara Virgillito
Entomology, mosquitoes, mathematical modeling, statistics
Lorenzo Vittani
Biotechnology, post-harvest, genetic engeneering, plant genetics
Ayesha Yousaf
Plant biotechnology, functional genomics, molecular plant pathology, agricultural sciences, apple scab
Penghan Zhang
Multidimensional chromatography, mass spectroscopy, metabolomics, yeast metabolites, beverage volatiles
Jim Yates
Sustainable Forest Management, Forest Economics, Technological application, Growth and yield modeling


Elena Arrigoni
PhD: 2015 - 2019
bark microbiota, metabarcoding, integrated disease management, plant-microbial interactions
Sabina Avosani
Animal behaviour, vibrational communication, sustainable pest control, insect physiology
Nadeesha Lewke Bandara
PhD: 2012 - 2016
Plant disease resistant genes, Gene mapping Molecular applications in biodiversity conservation
Riccardo Bottiroli
Hydrolyzed-lactose milk, dairy flavor, Maillard reaction, multivariate data analysis, rapid sensory profiling
Francesca Brescia
PhD: 2016 to 2020
Microbial interactions, lysobacter, rhizosphere, phyllosphere, secondary metabolites
Camilla Capelli
PhD: 2013-2017
Freshwater ecology, Phytoplankton ecology, Water quality, Harmful algal blooms, Cyanotoxins
Martina Cappelletti
PhD: 2014- 2018
Biopesticide regulation - Sustainable agriculture - Plant defense
Federico Carotenuto
PhD: 2012-2017
Aerobiology, microorganisms' fluxes
Florencia Ceppa
Ph.D: 2012-2016
Gut microbiota, diet–microbe interactions, dietary supplement, host-microbe co-evolution and interactions
Hamza Chammem
Formulation of Trichoderma atroviride SC1 for soil application
Giulia Chitarrini
PhD: 2013-2017
Plasmopara viticola, metabolomics, plant-pathogen, grapevine, resistance
Adam Cieplinski
PhD: 2013 – 2018
Aquatic ecology, rotifers, cryptic species, zooplankton, evolutionary biology
Maria Laura Corollaro
PhD: 2010-2014
Sensory Science
Mario Di Guardo
PhD: 2012-2016
Apple, SNP array, QTL, texture, marker-trait association analysis
Camilla Diotallevi
Nutrition, Nutrigenomic, biochemestry
Zoltán Dúl
PhD: 2013 - 2019
Systems biology, molecular biology, bioinformatics
Anna Eriksson
PhD: 2012-2014
Integrated pest management, applied entomology, plant protection, vibrational communication
Manoj Ghaste
PhD: 2011-2015
Comprehensive mapping of volatile organic compounds in fruits
Emma Gillingham
PhD: 2011-2015
Vector and vector-borne diseases, climate change, public health, health effects of climate change, infectious diseases
Stefano Gobbi
Forests, landscape, maps, GIS, remote sensing.
Zeraye Mehari Haile
PhD: 2012-2016
A molecular study of the Botrytis cinerea - Vitis vinifera interaction: from inflorescence to ripe berries
Steffen Mumme
Movement ecology, global change, conservation biology, wildlife ecology
Manjeet Kumar
PhD: 2017-2020
DFT study of the reactions of H3O+ ,NH4+, O2+ and NO+ with cork-taint compounds in wine
Justin Lashbrooke
PhD: 2010-2015
Fruit metabolism, genomics and genetics
Valentina Lazazzara
PhD: 2013-2018
Plant-microbe interaction through volatile organic compounds, biological control of plant pathogens

Luisa Lenzi
PhD: 2012 - 2016
Plant-pathogen interaction, molecular biology, functional genomics, laser microdissection
Cleopatra Leontidou
PhD 2013-2017
Spatio-temporal patterns of plant and microbial biodiversity with the use of metagenomics tools
Juan Sebastian Lopez Fernandez
PhD: 2012-2016
Microbial biotechnology and bioproducts
Andrea Mancini
PhD 2013 - 2017
Gut microbiota, liver diseases, probiotics
Giovanni Marini
PhD: 2013 - 2017
Development of spatio-temporal dynamical and statistical models, mostly in the epidemiological field
Annarita Marrano
PhD: 2012-2016
Plant genetics and genomics. Evolution. Plant Breeding
Giulia Molinatto
PhD: 2013-2017
Agricultural Biotechnology, Microbiology, Entomology, Biological Control
Sara Montanari
PhD: 2011-2015
Genetic mapping, genomics, plant breeding
Rachele Nieri
PhD: 2012 - 2016
Insect behavior, vibrational communication, pest management
Federico Ossi
PhD: 2010-2015
Movement ecology, roe deer, wildlife management, biologging; winter ecology
Sajid Pareeth
PhD: 2013 - 2016
Land and water resources monit
Emily Pascoe
2013 - 2017
Ecology of ticks and tick-borne pathogens, parasitology, ecology and invasive species
Giulia Pasqualetto
Plant biotechnology, metabolomics, apple, pear and hybrid
Stefano Pessina
PhD: 2011-2015
Cell biology, double haploids, in vitro tissue culture
Sylvie Pighini
PhD 2013-2019
Greenhouse gases; dissolved GHG; diffusive GHG; alpine lakes
Carlotta Pirrello
Grapevine, viticulture, S genes, disease resistance, downy mildew
Valerio Pompili
PhD: 2016-2020
Improving fire blight resistance in susceptible apple cultivars by different biotechnological approaches
Johannes W. M. Pullens
PhD: 2013-2017
Climate change, modelling, peatland, agriculture
Silvia Ruocco
PhD: 2014-2018
Disease tolerant varieties, wine, grape, volatile compounds, non-volatile compounds
Benedetta Roatti
PhD: 2009 - 2013
Botanic, garden design, landscape architecture, arboriculture, history of science
Umberto Salvagnin
PhD: 2012-2016
Plant biotechnology, genetic transformation, secondary metabolites
Samia Samad
PhD: 2012-2018
Regulation of vegetative and generative reproduction in the woodland strawberry
Stefania Savoi
PhD: 2012-2016
Effect of water deficit on fruit metabolism in white and red grape varieties
Nir Shahaf
PhD: 2010-2015
Mass-Spectrometry, Plant metabolism, Metabolomics, Chemoinformatics
Domen Škrab
Ribolla gialla, sparkling wine, agronomical parameters, metabolomics multi-targeted approach
Francesco Strati
PhD: 2014-2017
Gut microbiome, mucosal immunology, host-microbes interactions
Mattia Tabarelli
Plant biotechnology, molecular biology, protein-protein interaction, effector protein, Apple proliferation
Raffaello Tedesco
Food quality and control, food nutrition, honey quality and authenticity, bee health
Pieter Jacobus Wolters
PhD: 2010-2014
Plant breeding, genomics, plant-microbe interactions
Yonghui Dong
PhD: 2010-2014
Mass Spectrometry Imaging, Metabolomics, Stable Isotope Labeling, Chemoinformatics