Steffen Mumme

Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza

I am a PhD candidate enrolled at La Sapienza University of Rome. After growing up at the shores of the North Sea in Germany, I started gradually moving south, first completing a bachelor degree in Geography and Biology at University of Osnabrück, then moving on to a master degree in (tropical) ecology, nature conservation and biodiversity at the Georg-August University of Göttingen –. After that I shortly lost my southward facing track and worked as research assistant at the Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic wildlife research in Büsum, Northern Germany, mainly focusing on farmland bird conservation, aerial marine mammal monitoring and movement ecology of red foxes. After another call from the south, I completed my move over the Alps, where I am now working on my dissertation about ungulate ecology and behaviour. Especially I am interested in migratory and movement behaviour of red deer and elk across Europe and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in the West of the US.

Understanding movements of animals can give us insights into their fundamental ecology and at the same time inform us how to effectively conserve species, especially those vulnerable to the changing environments around us. When not in the lab, you will find me climbing rocks or exploring and cooking coffee somewhere in those mountains!

PhD project: Migration of a large herbivore in ecosystems under anthropogenic and natural change: the Greater Yellowstone and Central European cases.

FEM Department and supervisor : Biodiversity and molecular ecology Department, (Applied ecology group), Dr. Francesca Cagnacci.

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