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Don't wait until your PhD graduation! A number of projects and initiatives to improve career support and development for researchers, PhDs and PhD students are available through the EURAXESS network.

"How can I apply to industry?" "How can I increase transferable skills portfolio, write a cv and build a successful career?" Just start checking easy-to- use resources and tools available at the page in Euraxess website dedicated to the career development to learn how to improve your skills and enhance your career development efforts.

Below please find useful information and advices for your career plan. Get started on the path to career success!

  • Association Bernard Gregory is a non-profit organization whose missione is to bring together doctorate hodlers and employers. It has also recently published interviews conducted to PhD Graduates regarding their successful career stories and unusual career paths (link)

  • Euraxess - Researchers in Motion is a unique pan-European initiative delivering information and support services to professional researchers. Are you looking for opportunities? Visit Euraxess JOBS website! You will find thousands of vacancies and fellowships from more than 40 European countries and other regions in the world.


Learning resources online:

PIPERS Project Career Kit is a collection of external learning resources in the topics of enterpreneurial skills, information literacy, disciplinary working, IPR, leadership skills, managing a research career, professional development, market exploitation of research results and working with industry.

WEBINAR: How to improve your presentation and networking skills at conference (March 15th, 2021) , organised by Euraxess India.

Experts will provide you with useful tips to help you learn, share, network, and build your professional reputation at international scientific conferences.

WEBINAR: How to write a successful PhD proposal (Feburary 26th, 2021), organised by Euraxess India.

In this session you will gain knowledge on how to develop an excellent outline for a PhD thesis proposal, and how to write an impressive CV.

WEBINAR: Research and Careers well-being and mental health (December 2nd, 2020), organised by Pride, the Association for Professionals in Doctoral Education

How is stress created on the individual level? How can young researchers and PhD students be empowered to cope with stress? How can social support be created?

Recruitment process to apply in industry (May 28th, 2018), organised by ABG

2 recruiters from 2 large companies in Europe, Dr Luca Arista from Novartis and Marianne Birkeland Kjaer from Novo Nordisk, give you practical tips to improve your application.

Start-Up Lab is one of the main programs promoted by CLab Trento where you will learn to turn your business idea into a possible reality.



Useful site, blog, and video

Career develop hanbook.pdf

Career development plan is a handbook offering some basic principles on your career strategy.

Career development is most effective when it starts early and becomes a continual activity!


Visit Euraxess JOBS and FUNDING website. You will find thousands of vacancies and fellowships from more than 40 European countries and other regions in the world.

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