About our programme

The FEM International Doctoral Programme began in 2012 linking the collaboration network of the Genomics and Molecular Physiology of Fruit PhD School (GMPF) with the other training opportunities offered by all strategic sectors of the Foundation. From the beginning, the School aimed to be one of the most ambitious and innovative initiatives launched by FEM-CRI in recent years, consolidating an international collaboration network with research institutions from both academia and private sector.

The FEM International Doctoral Programme is also part of a new collaboration between FEM and the University of Trento, named Center for Agriculture, Food and Environment (C3A). Since November 2019 FEM and the Univeristy of Trento have started the Doctoral Programme in Agrifood and Environmental Sciences, that focuses on high-quality research and training in smart agriculture, and in particular on the production of quality food products, the reduction of environmental impact and a sustainable use of resources.

FEM promotes other collaborative projects, such a EU International Training Networks (ITNs) and EUREGIO projects. These collaborations strengthen FEM’s research activities and increase opportunities for student mobility in European countries.

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Research area: Agriculture, Environment, Nutrition and Health

~ 100 Partners collaborated with FEM

~ 60 PhD students allocated at FEM

~ 200 PhD students hosted at FEM since 2010

~ 100 countries of origin of students hosted at FEM

~ 80% of outgoing PhDs have found an employment in prestigious Institutions and Universities

Research activities, courses and events

Fondazione Edmund Mach hosts training courses, seminars, workshops summer schools and conferences held by international lecturers. For further information about our event programme please visit https://www.fmach.it/eng/Press/Eventi

Our contact details

FEM International Doctoral Programme

Centro Ricerca e Innovazione

Fondazione Edmund Mach

Via Mach 1

San Michele all'Adige (TN), Italy

phd.fem@ fmach.it

+39 0461615209

FEM is joing the Euraxess – Researchers in Motion as Euraxess Service Local Contact Point. It provides information and assistance to mobile students, PhDs and researchers promoting research career and mobility.