Concetta D'Amato

Università degli Studi di Trento (C3A)

My name is Concetta D'Amato and I am an Environmental Engineer. I come from Palermo where I did my bachelor and master degree in Engineering and Innovative Technology for Environment. My master thesis’ title is "Implementation of a numerical model of lysimeter and first applications in agriculture and forest management".

I am interested in studying the interaction between soil and plant, from a physical but also modeling point of view. In particular, my goal is to implement a numerical model to couple the processes of infiltration and evapotranspiration in order to create a unique model of lysimeter. Moreover, it is necessary to analyze the function of the root system and couple it in the lysimeter model because the root system is the connection point between soil and plant. In this way the estimation of the evapotranspiration rate could be better.

Project title: The Hydrology of Plants

Supervisor : Prof. Riccardo Rigon, University of Trento, C3A