Giulia Ferrari

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

We live in a World where impacts of humans on other species and habitat are constantly increasing, and my career objective is to do my best to preserve and manage the species that are more sensitive to environmental change. The fast-occurring climate changes, which I can ‘touch with hand’ in the area where I live (Italian Alps) strongly motivate me to invest all my efforts in research projects that try giving a positive contribution on wildlife conservation. Moreover, I am fascinated by the important ecologic role of small mammals. Hence, I believe that studying these species can be of particular relevance, especially to increase people awareness of their importance in ecosystems, with the ultimate goal to create an equilibrium and integration between the community of small mammals and human activities.

In this sense, in 2014 I had bachelor degree at University of Bologna with the thesis: “The alpine marmot (Marmota marmota) in Adamello Brenta Nature Park: from field monitoring to ecological models”. Finally, in 2017, I completed my master degree at University of Parma with the discussion of the thesis: “The small mammals community in a changing environment: a case of study in the Italian Central Alps”.

Since January 2019 I am a PhD candidate enrolled at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

PhD project: Small Mammals Monitoring in a Changing world: from community analysis to zoonosis prevalence and space use pattern.

Supervisor : Dr. Francesca Cagnacci and Dr. Valentina Tagliapietra