Kun Huang

UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Trento

I come from China. I completed my bachelor degree in Plant Pathology. I completed my master degree in Agrigenomics. My thesis title is "Comparative genomics of Lactococcus phages sampled over three decades"

I am a PhD student in Biomolecular Sciences co-supervised by Dr. Omar Rota-Stabelli from Edmund Mach Foundation (Italy), enrolled at University of Trento. My research interest is molecular evolution in microbiome. I mainly works on reconstructing strain-level phylogeny and estimating evolution rate of bacteria, using metagenomic approaches and molecular clocks.

PhD project: Estimating microbial divergence times from metagenomic data using molecular clocks

FEM Department and supervisor: Sustainable ecosystems and bioresources Department, Dr. Omar Rota Stabelli.

Personal page: http://segatalab.cibio.unitn.it/cvs/CV_KunHuang_latest.pdf

Email: kun.huang@fmach.it, kun.huang@unitn.it