Leonardo Menghi

UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Trento (C3A)

In December 2012, I achieved my bachelor degree in Nutritional Science at the University of Urbino with a thesis entitled: Physiopathology of the coeliac disease: role of zonulin of the gut microbiota.

In July 2016, I achieved my master degree in Food Science at the University of Florence. My MSc thesis aimed to investigate the role of sensory/hedonic expectations and psychological traits on expected liking for vegetable-based dishes. My internship (9 months) was spent inside the Sensory Laboratory at GESAAF, University of Florence.

Later, from February 2017 to October 2019 I joined the Sensory Quality Research group at Edmund Mach Foundation where I had the opportunity to give my contribution to an important project in collaboration with a local industrial partner for the implementation of a sensory quality control system.

Since November 2019, I have started my PhD project (Understanding the role of human microbiota on sensory perception) which aims at understanding how the human microbiota (oral and intestinal) may influence the sensory perception of food and thus, contribute on defining our food preferences and choices.

Project title: Understanding the role of human microbiota on sensory perception


Dr. Franco Biasioli (FEM)

Prof. Flavia Gasperi (University of Trento)

Email: leonardo.menghi@fmach.it; leonardo.menghi@unitn.it