Ilaria Fracasso

Libera Università di Bolzano

I come from Torino, which is also the city where I received my bachelor’s degree in molecular biotechnology.

After that, I moved to Ferrara to get my master's degree in biotechnology for the environment and health. During the second year of the master's degree, I did a 1-year training internship at the conservation genetics group of the Edmund Mach Foundation. The project involved the study, using molecular instruments, of the hazel grouse population located in the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino natural park. This study then allowed me to carry out my master thesis entitled “Improving non-invasive genetic censusing and metabarcoding approaches to gain insight into the population dynamics and diet of an elusive forest species, the hazel grouse (Bonasa bonasia)”.

From November 2018 I joined the group of doctoral students of the 34th PhD cycle, with the project entitled ALP-BABI: Alpine biological archives, bog and ice cores.

PhD project: ALP-BABI: Alpine biological archives, bog and ice cores

Supervisor: Dr. Cristiano Vernesi