Purna Kumar Khatri

Università degli Studi di Trento (C3A)

I come from Nepal. I have completed my undergraduate (B.Sc.) in Agriculture from Tribhuvan University, Nepal (2008), Advance Diploma in Agronomy from Arava International Centre for Agriculture Training (AICAT), Israel (2009) and graduated (M.Sc.) in Agriculture (Plant Science) from University of Copenhagen (2018). Title of my master thesis was “ Oxygen isotopes in soil- and plant-derived sulphate – Towards mechanistic understanding for the authenticity testing of organic vegetables” where I have investigated key factors controlling oxygen isotopes of sulphate both in soil and in plant, and implied the oxygen isotope of plant sulphate as tool for authenticity testing of organic vegetables. Stable isotopes, Traceability and Food Authentication are the major areas of my research interest. My current PhD research is focused to develop analytical method/s for authenticity testing of spice and herbs. In future, I will work on finding biomarker specially of high-value plant/ plant-product for food authentication.

PhD project: Stable Isotope Compounds in Spices and Herbs

Department and supervisor:

University of Trento, C3A and FEM, Food Quality and Nutrition, Stable Isotope and Traceability Unit, Dr. Luana Bontempo, Prof. Roberto Larcher)

Email address: purnakumur.khatri@fmach.it, purnakumar.khatri@unitn.it