Mattia Tabarelli

Università degli Studi di Udine

I was born in 1991 in Bolzano, Italy.

In 2013 I obtained my bachelor’s degree in biology (92/110) at the University of Padua, where I also obtained my master’s degree in evolutionary biology in 2016 (110/110 cl), with a thesis in compared immunology, titled “Molecular evidences of Complement System regulation in the colonial ascidian B. schlosseri”.

In 2017 I started the doctoral course at the PhD school “Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology” at the University of Udine, with a project cofounded by the Edmund Mach Foundation and Laimburg Research Centre, which aims to better understand the molecular basis of Apple Proliferation.

In particular, I’m focusing on the interaction between SAP11 - the bacterial effector secreted by the AP causal agent “Candidatus Phytoplasma mali” - and its molecular targets, namely the two Malus Transcription Factors TCP24 and TCP25. Using molecular biology, genetic engineering and plant pathology techniques I’ll characterize the functions of the two Transcription Factors and their role in the infection and development of the disease and in the phenomenon of resistance.

More information:

PhD project: Investigating the effector-target interaction in Apple Proliferation disease

FEM Department and supervisor: Genomics and Biology of Fruit Crops, Dr. Mickael Malnoy