Ayesha Yousaf

UniveristĂ  degli Studi di Udine

Ayesha's research interests centre on Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Plant Pathology and Functional Genomics.

Her doctoral dissertation aims to manage the apple scab by using unique resistance genes and their functional alleles which are essential to developing durable apple scab resistance against Venturia Inaequalis. She earned BSc (Hons.) and MSc (Hons.) in Agricultural Sciences and Plant Pathology from the University of Punjab, Pakistan where she carried out her thesis work focused on the analysis of the antigenic protein pattern of Aspergillus Niger isolated from airy microflora & Aloe Vera and the resistance genes diversity in cultivars of Rosa Indica against powdery mildew and black spot respectively.

Prior to the PhD project, she worked as a junior research assistant on maintaining genomic integrity of wheat and roses by cellular responses against biotic and abiotic effects in Central Molecular Lab, PU, Pakistan.

PhD project: Functional characterization of resistance genes against apple scab

FEM Department and supervisor : Department of Genomics and biology of fruit crops, Dr. Mickael Arnaud Malnoy

Email: ayesha.yousaf@fmach.

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