Stefano Gobbi

Università degli Studi di Trento

I come from Mantova, a province where agricolture and environment are a central part of the life of everyone. This translated in my interest for our environment, which has always been a central part of my formation.

I’m graduated in Environmental Engeneering at the University of Trento with a thesis on the field in Albania, with title “Morphological evolution of Erzen river (Albania) through integration of dendrochronology, GIS and remote sensing”.

Currently my PhD research activity deals with forestry and landscape changes in Provincia di Trento, using remote sensing and GIS to detect changes in forest pattern since 1860, using as data cadastrial maps and high-resolution aerial imagery. From these maps, with machine learning algorithms is possible to extract the forest coverage and its geometric pattern, to compare how the situation changed in the last 160 years. These changes are mainly dued to abandonment of traditional agricoltural practises and migrations of the population towards cities. This result will be used to find out which ecosystems were mostly affected by the aforementioned factors and, therefore, need to be protected.

FEM Department and supervisor: Sustainable Agroecosystems and Bioresources Department, Dr. Nicola La Porta

PhD project: Fine spatial scale modelling of Trentino past forest landscape and future change scenarios to study ecosystem services through the years