Roshanak Tootoonchi

Università degli Studi di Trento (C3A)

I come from Tabriz; a cold and mountainous region in north-west of Iran. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, and my master’s degree in ‘Hydrology and Water Resources Management’ at University of Tabriz, Iran.

My master’s thesis title is "Hydroclimatological and Land Cover Change Detection Using Remote Sensing and Wavelet Analysis – Case study: Lake Urmia Watershed". Lake Urmia, one of many examples of poor land and water resources management, has lost evident amount of its waterbody in the past decades. To investigate reasons behind the controversial catastrophe that is the desiccation of Lake Urmia, I learnt the skills of satellite imagery, ArcGIS, as well as regional and large-scale hydro-climatic time series analyses via different continuous-based wavelets and trend tests.

Currently, I am working on investigating changes in the Mediterranean climate with global warming and the impacts on water resources, through analyses of observational products, ERA5 and MERRA2 reanalysis, and simulations in the CMIP5 and CMIP6 archives.

I have a passion for photography, and I play the violin. These are two of my super serious hobbies which architect my every-day routine and put colour in my life.

PhD project: Changes in the Mediterranean Climate with Global Warming: Impacts on Water Resources

Department and supervisor : Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering - Università di Trento, C3A - FEM, Prof. Simona Bordoni



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