Camilla Diotallevi

Libera Università di Bolzano

My name is Camilla Diotallevi and I come from Italy. I am a PhD student in Food Engineering and Biotechnology at Free University of Bolzano-Bozen. I have graduated in Biological Sciences, curriculum “Nutrition and functional food” at University of Camerino and I have a bachelor’s degree in “Biologia della nutrizione” (Nutrition Biology).

Most of my research work is carried out at Fondazione Edmund Mach, where I am involved in the DIRECT-PLUS study ( identifier (NCT number): NCT03020186). The aim of this trial is to study the effect of Mediterranean (MED) diet (enriched in polyphenol foods) on the gut-fat-brain axis. My role in the DIRECT-PLUS is to measure the polyphenol metabolites and microbiota composition of 300 metabolic syndrome patients, in order to find a correlation between bacteria, polyphenols metabolites and other metabolic outcomes. Moreover, I will investigate the impact of polyphenol-enriched foods on gut microbiota and human metabolism using in-vitro models.

As my field of studies shows, I have always had a deep interest in Nutrition and human health.

I strongly believe that food together with physical activity are the most powerful mediators of the human well-being.

PhD project: Measuring metabolims of dietary polyphenols and their impact on human health

FEM Department and supervisor : Department of Food Quality and Nutrition, Nutrition and Nutrigenomics research group, dr Kieran Tuohy

Email: camilla.diotallevi@