Valentina Maestrello

Università degli Studi di Trento (C3A)

I come from Palù, near Verona. I completed both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Padova. In particular, my Master's thesis title was "Determination of the sugar profile of concentrated rectified musts through q-NMR" and during that period I worked a lot with NMR, realizing the big potential of this instrument and becoming really passionate about metabolomics. After graduation, I worked with a scholarship for six months at the University of Padova and I implemented NMR in food analysis for different matrices.

My PhD project is based on the development of new systems based on 1H NMR profiling to assess food authenticity and traceability: in recent years there has been an increase in food fraud and the need of analytical systems to verify food quality is becoming increasingly important.

Project title: Traceability and authenticity of food using 1H-NMR profiling.


Dr. Luana Bontempo (FEM)

Dr. Federica Camin (University of Trento)